Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 cannot be installed properly

first, im new here (since Yesterday) and need help getting the
Elecom Mouse Assistent 5 to work.
It is possible to install it, but the window for the configuration does not open.
Any help/advice?

What method did you use to install the Elecom Mouse Assistant?

I downloaded it, then startet it via the wine windows programmstarter. It only opens an icon tray, which does nothing.
On windows, where i had it before, i had to uninstall the windows mouse driver to get the elecom driver to work. Maybe a similar procedure here to? But where can i do that?

I could be wrong but it seems that this https://www.elecom.co.jp/global/download-list/utility/mouse_assistant/win/ is a mouse driver. You can’t use WINE to effectuate drivers. You’ll have to find a Linux version.
Does your mouse work fine as-is when plugged-in? If not, you can see if any drivers are listed under System Tools->Software Updater->Settings->Additional Drivers

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Carmar, you are not wrong - The hardware drivers cannot be effectively run using WINE.

From what I can tell, there is no Elecom support for the Mouse Assistant on Linux:

Thanks for trying.
Yes, the basic funktions do work (exept the funktion when you click your mousewheel to constant scroll on websites).
But macro keys do not work.
Would it be possible to just take another software to do the job?

That is a good question. I have never personally explored mouse customization on Linux.
I found this Ubuntu guide that may help you to set up the customization that you want- Please ask if anything about it needs clarification:

There is also Autokey (Macros) for Linux:


I will look into that… but tomorrow.
In germany its late (20:21) and im tired.

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That helped.

marking the post as solution.