Elegoo Arduino Uno IDE Installation on Zorin OS 16

Installation of the Arduino IDE on Zorin OS 16.
Guide installation.
Warning! my post is not a follow this, but only for your knowledge.
It is clear that we must be careful of many video posts that could give wrong information to the user, compromising the system.
For this reason, there are moderators who are here to advise and possibly give technical answers having already tested them. Thanks.


Please do not post links to other tutorials unless you are responding to specific issues. There are many helpful walk-throughs available that do not need reposted or linked here. The walk-throughs you see in the Tutorials & Guides categories are step by step directions that user's of the forum have actually done to get software/hardware to work. Normally with modifications to the guide, if they used one, they followed in order to make it work on Zorin.

Please feel free to create a walk-through specific to Zorin but do not repost tutorials or guides that have no customization for the OS.