Elementary OS Terminal

Is it possible to have elementary os terminal on zorin?

Particularly, I like the bell sound when command executions are done.

I do not know much about this; As I recall, elementary OS used Pantheon and Pantheon terminal.
Looking up the packages, it looks possible that Elementary OS has developed the terminal further- it is now referred to as os.elementary.terminal instead of pantheon-terminal.
You might try adding the repo or searching the package on pkgs.org. I wonder if you would end up needing to install the pantheon desktop environment, though.

Can you share me the repo PPA?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elementary-os/stable

sudo apt update

sudo apt-get install pantheon-terminal

Should I remove the ppa after installing the pantheon terminal?

That is entirely up to you. Keeping the repo should allow you access to any updates the terminal may require.

@capriciousduck any news about this ?

I am interested also :slight_smile:

It's not working well on my system. Some gui related issue.

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Generally elementary OS apps works best with their default theme as it never intended to be customized.

Can you be specific as to what it is doing?

One reason I avoid Pantheon Desktop. If I wanted Microsoft treatment, I would have stayed on Windows.
That being said... It is built on the gtk 3.22 toolkit and really... it should work...

As far as I know, they removed what they see as things that can customize GTK from it. I tell you they don't have nice things to say to the guy who made elementary tweak. They hate that app. (I'm following the development of eOS on tweeter). Few themes works well on eOS - I have a whole page dedicated to customize eOS with hacks and other workaround:

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I stand corrected.
I am also not surprised. It's a wonder such anti-FOSS types work with Linux, at all.

Well done on keeping FOSS alive with proper techniques.

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