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I set the Zorin default (in settings) to open photos with the Image Viewer. But when I open an image (e.g. jpeg) attached to an email, it pops up a dialogue asking what Thunderbird should do with the file. It already has the options set for “Open with? System Handler (default)” and “Do this automatically from now on” is ticked too, but it still pops this up every time, when it should obviously just open the image in the Image Viewer. Worse, when I then click OK, which should open it in the Image Viewer (despite the unnecessary extra check), it doesn’t do that – it opens ANOTHER dialogue, called “Open With” containing three options, so I have to click Open there too. Is that a Zorin thing, a Linux thing, or a Thunderbird thing? I’ve set a default, so it should go to that, but I am getting two layers of unnecessary options every time.

I also tried changing the first popup from “Open with? System Handler (default)” to “Open with? Other ...” , but that then just brings up a different dialogue saying “Choose Helper Application … No applications found for “JPEG image” files” – the only option then is “View All Applications” but if I click on that the only option for opening a jpeg is “Thunderbird Mail” which totally fails to open the image!

So there seems to be something a bit screwy about how Zorin lets programs know what to do with a jpg/jpeg (and therefore possibly some other file types).

I’ll stop there! Thanks for looking. This is all new to me, but I really feel like Linux is so easy nowadays that anyone can do it if I can. It took me two years to gradually transition, because I had to change from Outlook to Thunderbird, and MS Office to LibreOffice in preparation for it, along with other changes. But it is all part of my plan to get away from big companies I don’t like. This means I am almost completely free of Microsoft (and I never used Apple). I am transitioning to completely removing Google/Android and Amazon, along with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some of those are difficult because I am an author and some of my platforms are tied to them, but it is a long term goal. Cheers!

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When I want to send an image, I use a right click and select "send" from a drop down list, which open Thunderbird in my setting.

I never send image from the image viewer. I do not think it is possible.

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Hi, I'm not trying to send (or attach) an image - I'm just trying to open one that is an attachment in an email I received. Sorry if I wasn't clear!

What would you use for a phone? pine64, purism.
I, too am trying to transition more away from the tech giants.


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To be honest, I don't know! I have only ever owned one mobile phone. It doesn't work too well, but I may have it for another decade. All I really want is emergency phone, plus camera. I don't use apps and so on, so it might just be some really old style one without a big screen. Or something like the Light Phone, if they added a camera.

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