Empty screen after update

So the software update showed up and I updated my laptop. Restarted it, zorin loads up then black screen. It boots fine but after that its just empty screen. What should I do?

Are you using Nvidia Graphics?

no, not using Nvidia. i think its just simple intel graphics

I don't suppose you have your computer specs handy...

One thing you might try in the interim is to reboot into recovery.
If using Legacy, hold the Left Shift key starting at the motherboard splash screen.
If using EFI, start tapping the esc key or the tab key at the motherboard splash screen.
Select Advanced Options for Zorin
Then choose an earlier kernel to boot.
Proceed to boot and test.

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what should i do after? i chose an earlier kernel (recovery mode) and proceeded to resume booting but met with an empty screen after. is that normal?

No. But what we just checked was whether it was a Kernel issue. It appears not.
Let's try reinstalling the Display Manager (GDM3).
Boot into the Advanced Options for Zorin and this time, choose Recovery
In the recovery menu, arrow key down to Enable networking
Once networking is enabled, back int he Recovery Menu, arrow key down to Drop To Prompt
Hit enter
Then run the command:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

While this is a simplistic approach, GDM3 is included in the Zorin Desktop. It should allow for any corrupt packages to be corrected for the desktop.

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Check these out :-

it didn't work, still left with an empty screen. sometimes it goes into this (see picture) and the laptop just freezes after

The Picture is the background process and is completely fine, I suppose the Desktop and the Graphic Drivers are missing. This will make your PC screen look black but everything is fine. Try the Links I mentioned above.

turns out its really an intel graphics not NVIDIA

most were not applicable since I dont have ATI/NVIDIA graphics. the no splash for grub also didn't work. I have decided to reinstall my Zorin OS

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I Suppose This will be a Only Preferable Option for non NVIDIA/AMD Devices.

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