Encrypted Dual Boot with Windows

I have a dual boot laptop with both Ubuntu 20 and Windows installed. I want to replace Ubuntu (whose partition is not encrypted) with Zoarin OS, but I want to be able to encrypt the Zoarin OS partition. I have bitlocker enabled for the Windows partitions.

Is there any way to dual boot on the same drive and still enable encryption for only the Zoarin OS partition?

I'm currently using GRUB 2 for both booting Windows and Ubuntu.


Yes, you can. Select to Encrypt the partition with LVM in the Ubiquity installer and be sure to use the "Something Else" option to open the partition manager.

I went ahead and ran a quick search (Because I wanted to be sure you could encrypt just the partition and not the entire drive) and found a blog that goes into deeper detail that may make a good resource:


Interesting. Seems like the user did this by removing the Windows partition entirely. Unfortunately, that's not possible for me at the moment, and it seems as thought they do end up encrypting the entire drive, but still managed to partition off the home directory. It's not clear to me if this would erase the Windows partition or not. So far, it seems as though it would.

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You may look into LUKS, instead.
I am only sporadically checking in on the forum at the moment, but:

Whenever you look into Encryption, there is always an element of risk.
It's part of why I prefer to individually and separately encrypt only Compressed Files, instead. If the encryption is broken on the disk, it's full entry and access. With each sensitive file compressed and encrypted, it does not really matter if they get in the front door.

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