Encryption after LVM installation

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is there a way to encrypt the completely system after an installation with LVM?


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Unless I am mistaken, if memory serves me correctly, you do the encryption process during the installation process? And the nature of LVM, is its an encrypted volume from the get go I believe.

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Your memory works great but I made the installation without any encryption and with LVM....

...and I hope that that my memory is working well....I did not get any hints that LVM is still encrypted :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Well, you could load up the GPARTED APP, and it should show weather or not a drive is LVM. If it states LVM, that should means your installation is encrypted. You can also get more info out of the GPARTED app by looking up device info specifically. Its a great APP! :slightly_smiling_face:

This has been already discussed here:

The conclusion is that it requires clean install since FDE can be implemented ONLY during the installation procedure.

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Thats what I thought!

But I didn't want to say for sure, as I was not certain. And better to say, I don't know, then to say something you don't actually know.

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Just to add a bit more info which I've learnt in that thread.

After the installation, it is still possible to encrypt user home folder, but it is completely pointless since it does not offer much protection compared with FDE.

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