End of Zorin OS Lite and Zorin OS on ARM

As the announcement here, Zorin OS will not provide Lite edition start from version 19. However, at the previous discussions, the team of Zorin OS is making a ARM version based on the Lite version. Therefore, I am wondering if the development of ARM version will be stopped as well? If not, do the team need to reset the progress of the development (as they have to develop the ARM version based on the main version)?

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I am not certain of anything about this, but I think it is not a good sign for those who have been waiting for the ARM version of Zorin OS.

It seems that ARM adoption in PCs has not progressed as much as had been hoped. For example, Tablets have already branched out into systems with different interfaces from PCs. As laptops adopt touch panels, their interface will move closer to tablets. In other words, power-saving systems, ARM's strength, are moving away from PCs. That being the case, it will be difficult for Zorin OS, the OS for PCs, to support ARM.

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I have read that Microsoft plans new Surface Laptops called Copilot+ PC's and these Machines will first come with ARM Processors and later with Intel and AMD. The Reason for this is the AI ... Thing because the ARM Processors deliver the NPU Power that Microsoft wants. Intel and AMD brings that later.

With this new Machines maybe the ARM Support in Linux will be increasing. Maybe.

This is the last I have seen from devs re ARM support and ZoinOS.

@AZorin @zorink Any update on this, particularly following Lite sunset announcement.


It could be changed after Snapdragon X Elite PCs being on stock. Microsoft and Dell has announced the first ARM laptop, and they will be released soon.
I use the M1 MacBook Air as battery life is the most critical factor for me. Developing a ARM version lets us running Zorin OS on these devices.
Moreover, some embedded devices like Raspberry Pi also runs on ARM. Developing an ARM version is make sense. Ubuntu, which Zorin OS based on, also supports ARM.

No doubt, Microsoft might want to purchase ARM so that it can embed it's own spyware that @Bourne posted a YouTube video recently!

The new Recall Spy... Excuse me ... Feature, hahaha!

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When I first saw the name I thought it was Microsoft requesting a product recall for supplying a faulty preinstalled OS! :scream: :rofl:

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That would come a couple of Years too late, haha!