Enter hotel wifi password

I have ZorinPro on a macbook air and am traveling. When at a hotel i choose the wifi name and a screen is supposed to show up so i can enter a password but it doesnt.
I am using Brave browser on my system.

Usually, hotel passwords show up in a browser, not in WiFi networks, speaking from using Zorin via USB while on holiday in previous years. Have you checked any Brave settings that prevents you from logging on to public network?


As @swarfendor437 stated, you usually login to hotel wifi through the browser. I haven't seen a hotel give out a wifi password that you enter through wifi in at least a decade.

Most hotels any more you don't need a password, you enter your name, and room number.


Normally if not displayed automatically, type in URL for the Hotel and that should get you to a wifi login screen.


I found a setting in Brave that did a complete and full reset. I did this and rebooted. After that The pop up for the hotel Wifi showed up in a tab.
I hadnt changed Brave settings so i wonder if the recent updated triggered something? The reset removes extensions and everything. Lots of pain for a simple fix though i had to dig for the option.


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I marked @swarfendor437 's post as the solution, given that it was the solution.

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I'm going to add that I use brave and have this issue often with works wifi portal, and now i just use firefox for wifi auth/login then close out and everything works fine, is a simpler solution for me than a refresh/reboot :slight_smile:

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I also use Brave, so I understand that sometimes it misses network login opportunities. I read somewhere that directing a browser to an address like "" summons those network login prompts. I've found that "" works so well that I've made it a browser bookmark. Amtrak wifi constantly dropping? Work network resetting all guest logins ever Sunday?

That's Google's Primary DNS.


Why would you bookmark a dns server?

That's nothing more than Google's main dns server with it's secondary as

You don't put this into a browser

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It works for me.


I find that public wifi, if the login page fails to open on initial connection, often doesn't respond to normal web addresses like wikipedia.com, google.com, etc. But they always respond to Google's DNS, if that's what is.

What is working though? You do not put that address into a browser, it goes into your network setting. It's not a webpage

Unless you are using some obscure dns server, I've never had a problem with either Cloudflare or Opendns.

Once again is not a webpage and you don't enter it into your browser. Putting it into your browser does nothing.

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On Brave, most of the time, yes, entering '' into the address bar does nothing.

However, when you're connected to a public wifi network, and that network is blocking you from the internet pending a login, or accepting TOS, the wifi networks are usually set up to redirect '' to the network login page. I'm an amateur; I don't know how it works. But people smarter than me came up with it, and it's been working for me on a weekly basis for the past three months.

Okay, if you say so.....

Well I'm not an amateur and that isn't how dns works.

Here is a step by step guide since you clearly don't believe me.... There are hundreds more.


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This is because many captive portals work best for HTTP requests (poor configurations). doesn't have HTTPS service, and wouldn't be HSTS pinned, so the connection would always be easy to intercept for the captive portal and redirected, unlike other popular web destinations such as facebook and google.

So it works but not for the reason people think it does.

Or maybe not since its always DNS :smiley:

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