Entry in file explorer pointing directly to a drive/folder

Hi all.

I would like to make a entry in file explorer pointing directly to a drive/folder I have in my laptop.

How could I proceed?

thank you

You could try to draw the Drive/Folder to the left. Then it should be appear under the normal Categories.


I think drag was meant, not draw...

Browse to folder/location within your drive. Drag to just under Trash to create a New Bookmark.


Is ''draw'' not a suitable Word? Did DeepL lied to me? Okay I try it in a different Way:

Move with Your Mouse Cursor the Icon from Your Drive/Folder from the right Side to the left Side. You see that it will show under the normal Category Entries (look at the Picture from @wboy).

P.S.: Welcome to the Forum @wboy! And thanks for Your Help.

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Thank you!

That's handy. :slight_smile:

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You can also do it the old boring way :joy:

Just fyi!

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