Epson CX17FN all-in-one printer/scanner

Hello Friends,
First day with ZORIN Ultimate and Linux in general, everything..... perfect with my workstation HP Z1.
The only problem is my "old" Epson CX17FN laser printer/scanner. Do you know procedure to install it with full functions?
Many tks and have a nice week-end.

I think it is CX17NF, not CX17FN

It is listed almost at the bottom of the page, under "support status unknown". It is at least not included in the "paper weight" category.

You could try a suggested driver here:

The link is broken in the above page. The updated link is here:

But I could not find anything for scanner function.

Here is the driver as a .deb file, so only needs a double click to run the installer.

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