Epson Printer Driver in Zorin lite 16

Just wondering why in Zorin lite 15.3, my Epson L120 printer didn't ask for driver, but when it comes to Zorin lite 16, it did ask? Kinda confusing cause earlier version didnt ask then the new version did ask or does it related to the kernel etc?

I do not think it can be the kernel, as Core and Lite both use the same kernel.

This is a good question. I have no idea why... It may be that Core carries more driver packages pre-installed than Lite does.


It could be because of the kernel. Zorin 15.3 uses kenel 5.4 whereas Zorin 16 uses kernel 5.11.

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How embarrassing. My brain skimmed right over the fact the O.P. said 15.3 and 16...

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Hmmm. Another Kernel thing. Well, good thing my PC have Zorin 15.3 lite installed. Well, aside from that, Zorin 16 lite works well for me right now. So, thanks!

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