Epson printers - one good, one bad getting: cups-pki-expired

I'm trying out Zorin Lite as a possible replacement for LM MATE which was a replacement for a while for Win XP.

I've got 3 printers connected by WiFi to Windows 11, LM 18.3 and Zorin Lite. Brother MFC and 2 X Epson WF-3640. One problem there.

Problem description: One of the WF-3640's won't print from Zorin Lite.
It shows a Printer error box that reads
Printer 'Epson WF_3640_Series_50EBF7': 'cups-pki-expired'.
The Printer settings will not stay Enabled, I click Enabled, it shows the tick, I try to print, return to Settings and Enabled is no longer ticked.
Also "Connecting to printer" shows indefinitely in printing progress window.

Have tried:
Switching printer on and off.
Deleting printer from Zorin.
Updating printer drivers using latest from Epson.
Rebooting Zorin.

Malfunctioning printer has later firmware than working printer.
Similar sounding cups problem has been described as " the upstream bug which has been raging for four years ....."

A possible solution to something that looks similar is given at

But my skill level is "monkey see - monkey do, if there are really clear cookbook instructions that a monkey can follow".

Would trying that solution out on my Zorin Lite install be advisable?

Yes, I see nothing dangerous in those steps. If it does not work, you can backstep to revert it.

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Further research: LM MATE and XFCE 20.3 also fail to print on that specific printer.
Whereas LM MATE 18.3 succeeds.

That makes it sound like the latest package of CUPS is the culprit...
You might try downgrading to CUPS=2.1.3 to test it on a later distro...

Downgrading CUPS looks to be way beyond my skill and interest level.

Probably will cannibalise bad printer for its good print head and scrap the rest of it - it was never a good egg.

It's exactly as easy as installing it.

sudo apt install cups=2.1.3

Though this works just as good.:wink:

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