Epxse external drives permission

How do I get permission to browse media folder where external drive is mounted in playstation emulator

You can just navigate to it through Nautilus (file browser) or through the terminal. /media

New to Linux i just got ultimate and installed epxse I try run apocalypse game from emu and had to copy to systemdrive to have permission to open file it also seem to not do full circle in controller it don’t go 360 in stick

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were asking specifically about the emulator. Try asking here: https://www.ngemu.com/forums/epsxe.7/ - they should be able to help.

I need to be able to give permission to emu in zorinos. I had no permission to go to drive I try Linux in past belive media is read only and another folder is where disk are write read but I have no permission on windows emu don’t work blocked from displaying grapichcard wich I know are component error and all my steam games are blocked from playthroug like memory hacks I had gaming computers for 21 years had steam 11 years have 2 playstation with psio

This is not a permissions issue. This is the emulator itself not recognizing the mounted drive. The same happens on other programs, such as PlayOnLinux.
Try CDEmu to mount the drive, the emulator may recognize a drive mounted using CDEmu (works for PlayOnLinux) but nothing is certain. You can install using https://launchpad.net/~cdemu/+archive/ubuntu/ppa with the following in terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cdemu/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client

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I try to run the image from hard drive not mount cdrom also I belive this is permission error if Linux where run in NTFs there was acsess to folder even root folder I did try a ntfs driver and extracted all files to disk did run it Linux kubuntu NTFs3g driver booted with some knowledge of grub for dos in like 2011
Also I’m using linux version of emu and it stores configuration of controller it does not on windows

Right click on your mounted drive -> Properties -> Permissions. Check these and change as needed. Other than that I recommend asking on the epsxe forum that I linked earlier.