Equal spacing between Shell items

As you could see the spacing between the items in the default gnome shell extension items is not equal. I would like to have this similar to Windows.
The space between cpu-manager, zorin-connect & clipboard is different from system tray icons which are neat. I downloaded caffeine also but it looked ugly with its own irregular spacing. So, I removed it.

Is there a config file to modify spacing or preferably an extension that I could use to tuck all those in a box?


to something like below where downloaded extensions should go into the :arrow_up_small:


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Is there no extension like that?

The fact that they don't place inside the system tray is normal, that's the tray exclusively for system icons, while extensions icons are loaded into separated trays. If you want to place them on the system tray anyway, I found KDocker and AllTray on Software Center if you want to try something.

They did not work for me.
I'm using this extension Paolo Inaudi / Status Area Horizontal Spacing Gnome Shell Extension · GitLab
This does not do what I want but it reduces the spacing between the icons in the box. I use it with ZERO spacing.
The result:

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