Error activating screen extension function "Error when displaying on only one monitor"

I have Educational Zorion installed in 2 schools,
i am having problem with teachers, when i try to display the screen on only one monitor. could someone help me to correct this error.

video showing the error:

This raises a lot of questions about the Cabled Connections to the monitors.
Are they all consistent? For example, are they all connected via HDMI or DP? Or a combination of the two?
Incidentally: With HDMI, some cables are Uni-Directional. The cable being plugged in backwards will cause the signal to not move to the other monitor.
Checking if reversing the cable connection may help.

I'm using it on 100 computers, and they all have the same problem. :confused:

Well... that discounts the cable as likely... Are all 100 computers identical (more or less)?
Are they using Intel or Nvidia Graphics?

all with educational zorin, intel graphics driver
Processor i3 10geration
8 Ram
ssd 250 Gb

This really helps narrow things down.

Next, can you describe in your own words what is happening when you switch displays?
I know you posted a Video - but I am not entirely certain about what I am seeing. The camera must move from one screen to the next and in that time, some things can be missed.
When you switch displays, does the screen show the primary screen briefly, then revert? Not show it it at all? Does it show the Connection type in the upper left corner?

hello, I redid the video from another angle, as you can see using (win+p) the last two options do not work. Also when changing to appear on both screens it has to change every time from 60ZH to 30ZH

I made the video again, take a look

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when changing the screen, depending on the application it appears on the monitor behind, making the teacher not see what is happening, and making everyone angry.
I needed everything to appear on the main screen.
also when teachers want to use only the screen (without the tv) it is not possible, as I showed in the video.

today I saw that on one computer everything is working very well, but on others, with the same system and configurations, it is not.

Everything is fine, how do I copy the settings file from it? (to put it on other computers) do you have whatsapp or telegram to communicate better, if necessary? my whatsapp is #########.

Based on the videos you posted, it appears that you're using a desktop PC which doesn't have an internal display. Internal displays are only present on laptops and tablets.
Because both of your monitors are external displays, they both function the same.

In order to disable one display and not the other

  1. Open the Zorin Menu -> Settings -> Displays
  2. Click on the "Single Display" option
  3. Select which of the displays to use below
  4. Click "Apply"

You should also have quick access to the Display settings by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Display Settings".


exactly that, in this step-by-step mode I can change, however. as there are teachers for them it is difficult to move in this configuration, for them it is important that (win+P) works.

Perhaps a script set to run xrandr commands to switch the monitor, tied to the keyboard shortcut you wish to use. If using Super+p, you may need to change the shortcut for another command that is already using it.

Preferably one that can be copy/pasted on all afflicted machines.

I need to head off to the vet so here is a headstart, for now.

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