Error after the power was off


Three days ago I closed the screen from the laptop and today I wanted to start again. Unfortunately, the battery was empty in the meantime.

So power supply connected and started. Unfortunately, immediately comes the error message "Reset System" (Only this text, not more.) and the laptop restarts in an infinite loop.

For testing, I removed the hard drive with Zorin OS and installed a hard drive with Windows. The error message was then no longer visible and Windows also started.

The hard disk with Zorin OS I have also installed in another PC and have access to the data. The hard disk is not broken.

I also tested booting the laptop with a USB installation stick (Zorin OS Live/Installer). This also worked. The hard disk was also connected.

Do you have an idea what could be the reason and maybe a solution?

Thanks a lot!

This looks like the battery drain and sudden power loss may have corrupted the boot order.
I recommend trying Boot Repair:

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