Error: Configure failed with error: General/unknown error

When running HPLIP-3.21.2 I get the following error on the configure command. Running './configure --with-hpppddir=/usr/share/ppd/HP --libdir=/usr/lib --prefix=/usr --enable-qt4 --disable-qt5 --enable-doc-build --disable-cups-ppd-install --disable-foomatic-drv-install --disable-libusb01_build --disable-foomatic-ppd-install --disable-hpijs-install --disable-class-driver --disable-udev_sysfs_rules --disable-policykit --enable-cups-drv-install --enable-hpcups-install --enable-network-build --enable-dbus-build --enable-scan-build --enable-fax-build --enable-apparmor_build'

Please wait, this may take several minutes...

error: Configure failed with error: General/unknown error

error: output = checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c

The script keeps running after the above error and another occurs which might not be linked to the above error :-
checking for avahi_client_new in -lavahi-client... no

configure: error: cannot find avahi_client support (or --disable-network-build)

I have the full install messages in an ODT file so all the messages can be seen and my replies if that is needed. I dont know how to upload this.

Like Nvidia... They detest Open Source.
And it becomes problematic- where Most Printers work out of the box with Linux CUPS.

I feel your pain, for what it is worth.

You might review this suggestion made here:

Zorin 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04