Error copying file

when i do a "copy to" from a share on my mac i get a message pop up saying invalid argument

note that i can copy a single file but not a directory full of files and other directories contained within the parent directory

cp -R source_directory destination_directory

Replace source_directory and destination_directory with the appropriate paths.

If the command encounters any issues during the copy process, you should see error messages in the Terminal. These messages might provide information about specific files or directories that are causing problems, permissions issues, or other errors.

thanks tried that and got "cp: cannot stat 'bottles/FT3+/d , as per picture

You can try

rsync -av --progress bottles/ /media/rob/ExtSSD/bottles/

Let me know if it works; otherwise, you could use NFS file-sharing protocols.

NFS be like:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nfs-common

On Zorin OS, create a directory where you want to mount the share:

mkdir ~/mac_share

Mount the share using a command like:

sudo mount -t nfs <mac_ip_address>:/path/to/shared/folder ~/mac_share

Once the share is mounted, you should be able to copy files using the file manager.

BTW: I assume file sharing is enabled on your Mac? I'm not very familiar with (cr)Apple stuff. ^^

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ran this line and got error 22 invalid argument but i did a shift x (or cmd x or something x) and the copying started so i am getting there

Great! The 'rsync' command is a reliable choice for copying files and directories, which is why I recommended it for a try. Error 22 indicates mostly an issue with the file or directory names.


It might be due to the special character used in the name of the file or directory. try renaming it first and then copy.

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