Error downloading Zorin OS 16

I tried downloading it on another computer did not work but still restarting

A restart did not help. Same problem.

Yeah, well I'm out of options, guess u need the real brain surgeons here.

Like FrenchPress said, were able to download the file (at least I did, 10 min ago, and started it in Virtualbox) so there's nothing wrong with the link.

Could you try, if possible give me another download link to Zorin? As I said, some websites work and others do not.

In general, downloading Zorin iso from other than Official Zorin site is not recommended.

But you could try the one in Source Forge. Zorin OS - Browse /16/beta at

It is a beta version but you should be able to upgrade it to the current version.


This one is better.
More up to date files.

I am using Chrome

This may sound silly, but I want you to do it anyways. Its time to do some basic IT troubleshooting.

Unplug the modem, unplug the router, wait 5-minutes. Plug in the modem first, then plug in the router. Wait a minute for things to connect. Now try...

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Yes, on the Zorin OS Download page, there is a button for "Issues while downloading?"
Click that and you will see a list of servers. Try a different server and see if it is more responsive.

I am unaware.

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I remember this trick given by a French telecom guy.
He said, it is better to reboot the modem once in a couple of month to endure a smooth operation even there is no problem.

Anyone know why Zorin Bros have put out another release (r2) of Z16?
Is this announced anywhere or are Zorin Bros keeping silent, as unfortunately seems the norm.
Does this question warrant a separate thread?


I vote, yes.

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All please note. There are now new SHA256 checksums here for Z16r2.

I would always suggest creating and saving a text file for the SHA256 corresponding to your downloaded version/revision in case you wish to test it in future.


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