Error installing DROIDCAM

Hello guys, in the last update to version 15.3 my application no longer wants to run.


So can someone help me solve this, I used this client in version 15.2 of ZorinOS and it worked normally.

I need to use the program again urgently !!

Hello, @felipe! Welcome to the forum!
Did you install DroidCam in regular mode or DKMS mode?
If you installed it in regular mode it needs to be reinstalled after every kernel update due to the need to rebuild the included Video4Linux2 kernel driver.
In DKMS mode the driver gets automatically rebuilt after every kernel update so there’s no need to reinstall it with every update.

You can reinstall DroidCam in DKMS mode by running the following commands:
sudo /opt/droidcam-uninstall
cd /tmp/
unzip -d droidcam && cd droidcam
sudo ./install-dkms

You can also run the following optional command afterwards to add sound support:
sudo ./install-sound

Full DroidCam Linux documentation can be found here:


Oops it worked :grin: !!

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Glad to hear the issue is fixed!

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