Error installing Zorin Core: "The installer has failed"

Hello good afternoon! I am having a problem installing Zorin OS alongside Windows 10 and Manjaro GNOME.
I am installing from a USB. When it is in the middle of the installation, a window “The installer has failed” appears and says that it will proceed to send an error failure log, there it hangs and then I have to restart my PC.

I would appreciate any kind of help, I am quite new to Linux and wanted to test the distribution as I see it very nice.

Welcome, Zoric.
Would you mind running through the steps #1 & #2 posted here and letting us know how you fare?

Thanks for the prompt reply, I tried Quick Hash and it verified well, also I tested the pendrive on another computer and it worked. Maybe in a few hours I could find another pendrive at my brother’s house if that’s the problem.

Could the problem be from another cause?

I’m sure you’ve already checked this but I’ll cite anyway:

Also, when you install, are you using the “Something Else” option? If yes, then please detail the partitions.

Finally, when you tested the pendrive, do you mean you tried installing on the other computer?

Well finally I could try another pendrive to install and the installation went perfectly, so that was the problem.

I am going to review the forum to learn how to use Zorin and take advantage of it, I see that there is a tutorial section.

Thank you very much for the quick response and your help!