Error message about Software Updater Zorin 16 Pro

When I do Updates in the "software updates" it gives me an error: "Could not get the list of updates ..."
What should I do?

Yesterday everything was working perfectly ...
Plus I can't install telegram ..., but this has been going on for two days already.

Grazie Maurizio

Please open Software & Updates and set "Download from:" to "Main Server"

Reload and exit Software & Updates.

You may also open a terminal and run:

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates gnome-software

I solved it by typing from the terminal (from an Internet search ...)
sudo rm -fv / var / lib / apt / lists / * and then sudo apt-get update.

Now everything works perfectly ..., but I haven't been able to update Telegram for two days. I'll wait ...

Thanks Maurizio.

Sorry Aravisian how do you put the gray background for terminal typing?
Thanks, always on time and of great help ...!

There are several methods:

You can use the > symbol at the start of a sentence, do not make a space, just begin the sentence - and this will block quote it:

like this

Or you can use the " icon on the Reply Box Toolbar.
You can also use the </> icon on the toolbar to create preformatted inline text.

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Like this?

sudo rm -fv / var / lib / apt / lists / *
sudo apt-get update


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Be aware that the block quote (>) function will sometimes truncate certain commands, lines of code, etc.
For code or commands that use \ and /, the better method is to use the three Back Quote keys in a row, then enter, the text, then enter, then three back quotes to close it:


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