Error message in google chrome about flatpak write access!

I get an error message box in google chrome about flatpak write access which I don't understand much of!

What do I do about this, and what is the recipe/procedure to solve this!

I don't use chrome, but..

have you tried the .deb version of chrome? Flatpak's have some limitations.
You can just download it from their website.


Thanks for that, i did that now and its ok now i think.

Please mark my comment as solution, so that users with the same problem knows what halped you.

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Flatpaks are a package format that used in Linux, one of many anyway, and it runs in isolation from the system. This makes them sometimes difficult to work with when they need to access the filesystem as they need additional permissions. You can use an application called Flatseal as suggested in the error message to manage these permissions for each Flatpak installed.

However, more often than not, using the native .deb package format is the best solution all around.

When you use the Software Store, make sure to select the "source" (right under the install button) to your preferred package format. As mentioned, whenever possible, use the native format which should be labeled as "Zorin OS"


Thanks for info. :+1: