ERROR no bootable device after installing zorin os

Hello, i hope you help me, After installing zorin os 15.3-Lite clean install not dual boot, after installing it. a black screen appeared with a message, "No Bootable Device". in BIOS, I don't have any option for changing from UEFI to Legacy and there is no Secure Boot option.
- i use RUFUS to burn the iso file of zorin
this is what i did after to find a solution but nothing works:

1:Boot the Zorin OS USB Install Drive
2:open Terminal: entering this commands;
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
cd /mnt
but when i type cd /EFI ; error appeared NO directory

if any one can help me.

Given that you are using Zorin OS 15.3 Lite, is the machine a 32 bit machine?

It may be that it is supporting MBR and since you cannot change that, you may need to burn the .iso on the USB stick as MBR. Rufus does have that option under Drive Properties > Partition Scheme. Select MBR from the Drop Down menu.

machine is 32bit. and i already check MBR on RUFUS

Using the LiveUSB to run Zorin OS, can you open Gparted and inspect the drive?
Does it show an existing EFI partition?

Gday @fadmarinad ,

Try entering BIOS & set your main drive to 1st priority as some BIOS don't auto change.
Hope this helps.

yes i opened Gparted it only shown /dev/sda1/
with 14gb usage

i already did it mate. but when i press F10 to check boot drive without entering bios i can't see my drive HDD but in BIOS i can see it.
i hope you can understand me

As @Aravisian asked to enter GParted,, Does it say the drive is "Mounted" or Unmounted"?

drive is Mounted.
i'm sorry if i bother but i really want to try zorin OS

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Never a Bother, we are here to help :slight_smile:
let us think about this @Aravisian may have some other idea's.

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Could you tell us the pc's spec's?

Agreed that it is no bother. This helpdesk is here for this purpose.

The next things I would suggest would include a S.M.A.R.T. test of the drive to see if it has bad sectors or blocks that corrupted. You may try a fresh Download of the .iso, fresh burn on a different USB stick to eliminate any download corruptions, burn corruptions or USB stick failures.

Was the disk working normally prior to the installation of Zorin OS? For example, did it have a different installed OS that booted normally?

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just to know if i put hard disk on other laptop, zorins os starts, even this laptop old than this

laptop is old :sweat_smile:
name: Emachine e510
CPU: celeron 560 2.13ghz
card graphic: intel 959

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This implies that the drive does work. Hmmm...
And you already checked the boot order...
Bad connection on the cable?

yes sir, the disk is working normally

OK i think as @Aravisian suggested.
Re download the os & do a checksum of the download.
you may try using balenaEtcher to create the bootable usb?

Are u using a usb stick or something else?

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yes im using USB stick

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So, boots with one machine, not the other.. :thinking:

Do you have any AHCI / RAID settings in BIOS?

yes exactly, only works with one machine.
i have AHCI and IDE. i checked them both

With the one that doesn't boot, try switching the disk option in BIOS to IDE / Legacy and see if that works.