Error "No irq handler for vector" at booting

Hi, on my Zorin 16 Core I get now a time the following error while booting. At beginning that error was not, only since some weeks.
As far as I know, if I exit Zorin, it comes again, but not sure, it is only visible for parts of a second.

Any ideas what this might be?

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Do you use any other OS with Zorin :question:


Yes, in parallel I use Win10, but a long time it worked without that error, but now some weeks with that error. I will say, only a short time while booting this is displayed, but otherwise all works. But still I want to understand what this is.


See if any suggestions here work for you:

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Hello, that did not help. But I read on other sites that this error message is not critical and can be ignored.

For me, a BIOS update helped. Now I don't see the error anymore.

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One of the first rhings I stipulated in the unofficial manual for Zorin 15 is that you should update the BIOS before installing Zorin (if one exists).