Error: No root File System is Defined

error: No root File System is Defined
I tried to install it - ZORIN OS EDUCATION LITE - LIVE DVD - in UNALLOCATED SPACE [ as triple-boot along with Windows 10 + Windows 11 ]... But...
I am getting

the only permitted way is "New Partition Table" when selected /dev/sda/ partition... but I do not know - how to proceed... well?

You need to make a partition in eg. ext4 (most common and default). From the the screenshot I can only see Windows partitions (NTFS).

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Just format the unallocated storage into ext-4 formate and select it. It's really simple. :grin:

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I will try this:

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The problem with:
Manually Partition the Drive to Install Zorin OS - Zorin Help --- Not create partition
find after try with:
I tried GParted but says already the PC has 4 Primary Partitions...The problem

Any Solution...?


Are you installing as Legacy? Legacy is MBR (Master boot record) which can only manage up to Four Bootable Partitions.

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