Error on booting

So after having Zorin installed for a few days for a personal project for me to use Linux, I decided to remove it from my computer via deleting the partition via Windows Disk Management.

Now when I boot up, it goes to a console and I have to type exit in order to boot to Windows 10

How do I fix this?

I'm assuming the boot files are still there, it's just that the files can't find the Zorin install

You have probably only deleted the partition with os on but not the boot partition with grub. So when you boot up for windows it loads grub boot manager and that is reason. Make sure you wipe whole drive and not just 1 partition.

How would I know which partition has the grub files?

I can't wipe the whole drive due to me having 200 gigabytes of data on it


It is true that on any Operating System - Linux, Mac or Windows - removal of a bootable partition will require updating the boot manager to reflect the change.

Running a StartUp repair on Windows should resolve the boot manager missing a bootable partition:

Hopefully, this helps. I am by no means a Windows expert these days.

Windows still boots, it's just that it's a bit annoying that I get sent into a command line instead of it just booting like normal.

I'll try to do startup repair to see if that fixes the boot manager

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Okay, so what happened is that startup repair did nothing, but I went into BIOS and deleted the ubuntu entry, which now it doesn't prompt me a command line

The boot files are most likely still on the disk, but I don't think they do anything anymore as the boot manager isn't reading them.

Thanks for the help you too, though if it wasn't for the idea of doing startup repair, I most likely wouldn't have gotten the idea to delete the entry

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