Error opening Nvidia X Server Settings window (driver-390)

I recently installed a Zorin Core 16 on my laptop but did not select the Nvoidia driver during the actual installation.
I decided to fix it through manual selection of a proprietary driver.
There are two problems after installation:

  1. A blank Nvidia X Server window opens.
  2. Can't go back to the original video driver.

Tell me - is there any solution other than reinstalling the OS again?!

error nvidia-driver-390 |690x295

If you go to the app menu and search Software & Updates > open that, then check the box for Non-free or Proprietary drivers.

Then go to the Additional Drivers Tab.
It should search for a while, then show you a series of options for Nvidia drivers.

Thank you for efficiency.

I already did so - the list of drivers remained unchanged (as in the screenshot).
After installing the updates, I returned to using the open video driver. But the question remains open - why is the window empty when starting Nvidia X Server Settings? Except for 2 interface buttons, consider that not.

I am sorry, there is no screenshot.

Can you try the following in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

sudo apt-get install nvidia-current \ nvidia-current-modaliases nvidia-settings

sudo nvidia-xconfig

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