Error: Repository does not have a release file

even i have the same problem even if i untick the CD-rom in the source list i am unable to slove this error could any one help

Did you reboot after making that change?
Are you connecting to "Main Server"?
Are your settings exactly same as Jennings92, if not please post your settings screenshots.

I see you are on Core wheras Jennings92 is on Lite, but don't think that is so important for software updates to work.

NAveenReddy, you should create your own topic regarding this because not all solutions are the same for everyone. It could be anything from a driver causing it or a repository you have that others don't because of adding software others don't have.

Perform the update in the terminal and it will tell you the offending entry(ies). You can then remove the entry as long as it isn't one of the Zorin dependent repositories.

The CD entry can be safely removed. You can add it back later if you need to update from the image later.


As @337harvey noted, in order to install a package from a source repository, that package maintainer must upload that package to the repository that matches your system.
For Zorin OS 16, that Repo package must be matched to Focal for Focal Fossa.
This error means that there is no Focal Release File uploaded by the maintainer.
If you can tell us what package you are installing, we can probably help you find a way of installing it or finding an alternative to it.

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