Error when trying to update my gnucash files

When I open my Gnucash shared files on desktop (Ubuntu) from my laptop (Zorin 16), I can access the file and change (Update) the file but it won't let me save it back to the desktop shared file and wants to create a new file! Help! No problem in Ubuntu and Mint on my other machines.

Hi @NewZ , welcome to the forum. I believe the reason your having issue is permissions. In the os of the desktop you're trying to write to, open file browser, right click desktop, p properties and on the permissions/security tab give 'other' write permission. Put in your password and done. Happy writing.

In all reality though, your shared data space should be a seperate partition, mounted and unowned by any os. This usually works without extra configuration. And if made an ntfs, you can share with any os, even windows (dual boot anyone).

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