Error while installing Zorin OS alongside Windows. Now partitions are messed up

Hi. Today, I tried to install Zorin OS on my laptop, I wanted to make a dual boot using the option "Install alongside Windows 10"
Then, I assigned the free space that I wanted to use on Zorin OS and pressed next.
Then, it froze before showing me the screen to choose the timezone.
An hour later, a window appeared and said "se produjo un error mientras se guardaban los cambios de los dispositivos de almacenamiento" (Im not english. Translated, it said something like "An error occured while saving the changes of the storage devices") And the installer closed.
I tried to install it again but the "Install alongside Windows 10" option was missing, so I checked the partitions with Gparted (Using a Live USB) And it says that my HDD is full. Idk what to do.

Did you first disable Fast Boot or Fast Startup in Windows OS > Control Panel > Power Options?

Yes. I did it before trying to install the OS

In BIOS settings, are you set to RAID or to AHCI?

I cant check it right now, but I think I have AHCI

I would just try to install again. It may have been a simple glitch.

Can we also ensure that you used Windows Disk Management to shrink the Windows 10 partition to create free space for Zorin? Also worth creating a System Repair Disc before making any alterations (How to Create a Windows 10 System Repair Disc – Cloudeight InfoAve).

If the notebook does not come with an Optical Drive, advise you look at buying one of these:


Is sda5 a data partition or the newly created Zorin partition?

It's odd that there is only 600mb for windows, as this needs at least 20gb.

I'm thinking the installer failed in creating the new partition and instead wrote to the existing partition.

This is a mess.

Does it still boot to Windows?

I think the fat32, 600mb partition is your recovery partition.

You will have to resize sda5 so that there is free space at the end.... leave at least 60gb for windows (60000 mb). Use the something else method and create your zorin partition during the installation...Partition & Install

I actually thought that was the bootloader.

Windows boot loader rarely is larger than 100MB and is usually listed as system partition, if it's even listed.

I think manufacturers have allowed M$ to house their loading partition (efi).

While it makes it difficult for those trying to install another OS, it rarely hinders unsavory characters.

Only honest people respect locks... as to... only honest people respect hidden files and partitions.