Errors between start and logscreen

I experience „commandline“ errors between the start of the notebook and the zorin lock screen, they disappear fast so I made a vid and extracted the lines. Everything seams to run fine after that, but I would like to get rid off these error (?) messages and have a clean boot.

Anybody know why the messages pop up and how to solve the


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its a kernel bug, if your system is booting its not causing an issue

If they annoy you enough to get rid of, you can silence them by



You can get rid of those ACPI Error messages by

  1. Open /etc/default/grub in an editor with root access. In your case I believe Ubuntu uses gedit as it's text editor:
 sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
  1. The line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, add the loglevel=3 part. The original looks like

Change it to this:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT='quiet splash loglevel=3'

Then save the changes and close it, now open a terminal and run:

sudo update-grub

Reboot and see the results


thank you VERY much @seanhinkley - I read the linked article, didn't understand anything and followed your detailed steps to circumvent the problem (or at least the output of that problem, I suppose).

I now works like a charm without any error line while booting.

Thanks again


Would it also fix some screen flashes during the bootup? Because I see some commandlines, too (disappear in less than a second as xabbu said), but together with some screen flashes, white and black flashes, they hurt my :eyes: and I become :face_with_spiral_eyes: or :dizzy_face:. By the way, those flashes appear even on logins and poweroffs :expressionless:.

Those settings to the grub boot line suppress non critical errors. So it may prevent those screen flashes. Depending on what messages they are

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What I can read is No Caching mode page found and Resuming drive cache: write through. But on other bootups I could read some new ones, I have to check those, too.

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