Errors with Zorin Core USB boot stick

I downloaded "Zorin-OS-16.2-Core-64-bit-r1,3-5-23.iso" recently.
I then reformatted the jump drive to Ext4. I then used UNetbootin & installed the Zorin core iso to that USB drive. I then restarted the computer & booted to that USB drive. Here is the errors I got once booted,see two screenshots.

My USB stick is a new "Lexar JumpDrive S47 64GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive (LJDS47-64GABBKNA)".

What should i do now? I am in a tough situation right now personally, & really need to get this Zorin Core working & installed on my SSD. My Windows 7 SSHD is failing & crashes, etc.

I still have the ZorinOS Lite installed on my SSD thankfully, I will return to that one in the mean time.

Please help.

Redownload the .iso file and use Gnome Multiwriter. Never failed me.


I am a regular user of the app-image Balena Etcher on Zorin Core ... Unetbootin is an abandoned project where there is no more support for latest ISO's such as the Zorin ISO. On Zorin Lite it should work flawless.
The app is free for use, small advertisements are inside the app for Balena-products (Clouds e.g. ) .

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@Storm , @joshuaorbit ,thank you. (Also tagging @Aravisian), UNetbootin appears to be the problem. I used Gnome multiwriter & it appears to work very well.

I also chose LUKS encryption, but it didnt ask me how large of a partition I wanted it to make. So it just encrypted my whole 500GB SSD. I wanted to do a multiboot, so I think that was not good. Also I cant tell how many GB's of storage I have on my Zorin OS system drive?
Can you guys please help me figure this out?
This ZorinOS Core user profile I'm logged into, do I have 500GB of storage? I only wanted to give this profile 100 GB's. Idk, maybe you cant do a multiboot if your doing a boot using a LUKS password? or maybe you can?

You can set up LUKS encryption on a Partition rather than a Drive:

The Ubiquity installer will encrypt the entire drive if you set up Zorin OS as the only installed OS.
If you want a mulit-boot machine that includes Windows - then your best practice would be to install Windows First.
Whichever OS you want to be default to and control boot should be the Last or Final OS that you install.
Your screenshot shows 512 gigs being assigned to Zorin OS.


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