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I bought an Ethernet adapter (Ugreen) and I connected it into my usb 3.0. However, It is limited to 100 mb/s. (The adapter is 10/100/1000). Somebody knows how to fix it?

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Keep in mind, the ethernet adapter is not the only place that must support 1000GB/S speeds to gain as such. Is your router capable of pushing 1000GB/S? And furthermore, what is the Cat rating of your ethernet cable that you are using? If its Cat 5, its not going to push 1000GB/S. You need Cat 5-E, or Cat 6 and above.

If you answer YES, that you have the appropriate cable, and if you answer YES, that you have the proper router to push those network speeds. Then, you may have to power cycle your router and then restart your computer.

Unplug the router wait 5-minutes, then plug the router back in, then restart the computer.

Hey, StarTreker. Thanks for all the support. I found out that it was a problem with my cable. I'm using a cat 6, but I tested with another cable and worked. Thanks!

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This is one of those cases where the manufacturer of the cable lied, as the cable was never certified to be Cat 6. Were seeing a lot of these issues with both USB cables and HDMI cables as well. But Linus Tech Tips has been blowing the whistle on this situation, as well as a few others on Youtube.

In essence, were now beginning to know what cables are the real deal and which are not. In the future best you can do with ethernet cables, is if you go to buy a cable, make sure on the product listing page, that they actually show the cable has been officially certified.

Glad I was able to help!

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I marked the thread solved, if that is not the case let me know.

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In this age of modern computers, your old Cat-5 cable from years ago may not suffice for modern use. With the recent advancements in technology, you may want to use a high quality ethernet cable that outperforms your old ethernet cords.

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