Every time i open my computer it gives nautilus error

I have reinstalled it multiple time but the error still keeps coming.

You can try launching Nautilus (Files) from terminal using System Trace:

strace nautilus

To see what system calls are involved and if they are creating an error.

What it sounds like is low memory. How much RAM do you have? How much is used?

free -h

You can free up memory on an emergency basis:

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Thanks man I have 8gb of ram . Before 1.8 gb was free and now after doing this 3.8 gb is . I am just running firefox with 6 tabs open.

If all else fails, you can switch to another explorer like Nemo - instructions here

Looks like the poster fixed with rm -r ~/.cache/tracker3/. Also, there are interesting results by searching nautilus crashed with sigsegv ubuntu 20.04. By the way, when you have the chance to report a problem do it so developers/owners are aware of what's going on.

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