Evolution and Gmail

I have Zorin core 16.2 and Evolution version 3.36.5-0ubuntu1. I know from other laptops that I've had to get a newer version of Evolution in order to connect to my Gmail account--apparently Gmail changed their API or something. I was able to do this by upgrading to the latest version of the OS (Linux Mint, OpenSuse) and I guess that pulled in a newer GNOME (with Evolution 3.44). I'm not sure what to do in Zorin as 16.2 seems to be the latest version. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Evolution with the Software app but I ended up with the same Evolution version.
The error message I get in Evolution is: 'Access blocked: GNOME Evolution’s request is invalid. You can’t sign in because GNOME Evolution sent an invalid request' (which is the same I got on my other laptops before upgrade).
So...is there anything I can do in Zorin to get my Evolution up and running again? I understand that to upgrade Evolution, you have to upgrade all of GNOME, which might be tricky as Zorin is wrapped tightly in with a particular GNOME version (or something like that).

If you install Evolution from software store as flatpak you get the latest version of Evolution.

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Thanks for your reply, Storm. Stupid newbie question: how do I do that? When I search for 'Evolution' in the Software Store, I see it's installed; when I uninstall it, I can search again and find it along with a 'install' button--but I don't see any option 'install as flatpak'. No doubt I'm misunderstanding something...


To be sure, lets do it by command;
Removing .deb version of evolution.

sudo apt remove evolution

installation of evolution flatpak

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Evolution

Thanks so much Storm. I'm used to doing this kind of thing via the terminal but I managed to do it with the Software store--I hadn't realised you could select the source in the upper right of the screen. Evolution is working great now, thanks again!


Firstly, not using Zorin, but Devuan which comes with Evolution 3.30.5-1.1 - no issues with Gmail apart from address book but guess this is down to Gmail playing silly beggars. No problems with notifications either as the pc speaker bleeps to notify my of new messages (and it isn't flatpak).

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