Evolution Email

I prefer Evolution over Thunderbird and it's my email client of choice however I have one issue that I can't find any information on.
I have a gmail account which is linked to Evolution, I noticed today that I had received an email which said click the link below, however there was no link, but when I logged into my gmail account in a browser the same email had the link, so the question is why does it not show in Evolution & how to I change it so it does. It's presumably being blocked by a setting but for the life of me I can't find any relevant setting in Evolution.

just added my gmail account to Evolution - prefer using the Web version as I don't want Google crawling over my machine! This is the first time I have done this for some time - in earlier iterations of Evolution there was a contacts problem and Google put the blame on the developer (never them is it?). Entered my email in account setup and it picked up all outgoing and incoming settings correctly. I was then presented with my account login window within the app with a request to complete a Captcha phrase before it asked for my password and finally a 2FA sent to my mobile. All mail incoming.
My version of Evolution is: