Evolution error ZORIN OS LITE

Evolution cannot play alarm sounds because of this:
(evolution-alarm-notify:6136): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 10:16:37.142: Your application did not unregister from D-Bus before destruction. Consider using g_application_run().
Can somebody help me?

@Aravisian maybe you can help me??

Some things to try:
Open the System Monitor and kill any Evolution processes. I use xkill to make my life easier sometimes. In Keyboard shortcuts, I add the command xkill and then assign the shortcut ctrl+alt+k to it. Launch the process, then ctrl+alt+k, then click the open window with the mouse - it dies without hesitation.

After ensuring all Evolution processes are dead, try relaunching and see if you get the same error.

it doesn't work...same error...

I'm not sure of a fix... let me try looking further.

thanks, thanks

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Try this:

I'd REALLY REALLY like to click that 'solution' mark under this post, but it didn't help me :frowning: is there another calendar app??

Just to be clear, are you wanting an alarm set for events in the Calendar? I know that Evolution uses the computer 'beep' device for new mail notification, which is what occurred for me when using Evolution in Plasma DE on Devuan when I was working. I did not use the Calendar function.

Orage is your solution I think:

and its an xfce app!

I thought Orage was abandoned and would not work on 4.16?

One user in this thread still has it working but guess that was via an upgrade. kalarm is another suggestion. Interesting comments on CSD too!


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I wouldn't know anything about that. I have no involvment. Aravisian? Never hoyd o' em.
I deny all knowledge of any posts made, past, present or future.

just been looking at 'alternative.to' - rainlendar2 lite (the free one) is nice - changed theme to Savannah - nicest looking:

Pleasing default alarm sound too! But you know me, easy to please! :rofl:

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Forgot to give the link:

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