Evolution fails to connect to Mailserver

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I have been using Evolution for a couple of years now, but lately it seems to fail miserably in downloading email from my mail-provider (Runbox.com)
I haven't as yet contacted Runbox, but will do in case they've altered their configurations....I just have to either visit here first or them first.
I get a few emails first thing when the computer is switched on and Evolution is opened, but after that I often get nothing at all.....I then visit the Runbox interface for my account and find a dozen or more messages there that haven't downloaded.
I have set up Evolution to check for messages every ten minutes because I do get quite a lot of stuff. However, messages are often on the Runbox server several hours apart, but not downloaded.
Bit of a chicken and egg situation. I prefer having an email client on the computer because I need to store quite a lot of messages for quick reference....I don't want them parked in the cloud on a server where they might possibly disappear.

Has anyone had download failures with this application? I'll be messaging Runbox shortly to check them out. (based in Norway, in case you haven't heard of them).

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I brought this issue up back in April but sorry had to bail out of discussion at the time due to family issues...problem not gone away, though.

I guess one quick test you can try is installing another email client such as Thunderbird. If that also gives you trouble it's likely something in your machine and/or network.

A few things to consider:

  • Any new software installed or tweaked that may interfere with network settings (VPN, firewall, etc)?
  • Any new router at home?
  • Have you tried to connect from another machine?
  • Have you tried to connect from another physical location, like a public coffee shop or similar?
  • Have you tried to connect through a VPN? Or, if you already use one, change the location or disable it entirely?
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How did you install Evolution, or was it already installed with Pro?
I am asking in case it is a Snap or Flatpak app which maybe is not working well with the operating system. If source is apt, then would rule that out.

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If I'm not mistaken - I had to switch my Evolution version to the current Flatpak version to use all of my Gmail features (contacts is one). 3.36 and lower has issues with connecting to certain mail services, G-contacts being one - I'm not certain about Runbox as I am unfamiliar with them.

I got a rather nasty response from the guy that listed his email address for contact info within Evolution - don't recommend emailing him.. It's really more 'I'm smarter than you because you aren't familiar with something' to him.. I'm guessing he's listed that email for ego tripping? :person_shrugging: ..

Would try the latest stable flatpak version through Software, 3.50.1 :grin:


I am not in Zorin at the moment, but I am running apt version of Evolution on MX-Linux 23.1 KDE of 3.46.4-2 - no issues with ecloud.global.

Having browsed for settings, found this help page:


and this for sending email:



Morning all. Many thanks for the replies. Firstly; Evolution was installed with Zorin16 Pro, so whatever type that was, is what it is.
I have Evolution only on a desk-top machine, so will not have been trying to access my email "on the move" or at another location.
New software added....none recently, other than the usual Zorin updates; router change, no; and I wouldnt normally try to get email with a VPN turned on.
I've contacted Runbox and they are looking into one or two possibilities but nothing "concrete" as yet.
If nothing improves, I can probably only back up all the mail, uninstall and then re-install Evolution....which incidentally is 3.36.5-0ubuntu1 , so maybe has problems as Plumpkibbles has mentioned.

I used to use Thunderbird but had problems getting the thing to function properly....it was installed initially when I set up Zorin 16Pro, but always failed to open properly when selected from either the drop-up menu or the desktop icon. I also tried opening it from the command line, which worked, but I had to keep the terminal open all the time. In the end I gave up with it, uninstalled it and then set up Evolution from the software-collection.

Only one other thing; I use POP mail settings at Runbox, not normally a problem. Would this upset Evolution?

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Runbox can't find any particular errors, so it looks like I'm back to the possibility of having to try a re-install at some point. I'll also keep a note of the different versions mentioned here.
Solution....not quite, but have picked one anyway.

Reinstalling may yield the same effect - 3.36 Evolution is the default from install :face_with_peeking_eye:

Give the latest/stable flatpak a try, you'll have to remove the current version though first. There were many issues that disappeared when I moved to the current stable version. I haven't messed with POP for a number of years now - I'm definitely not any good with that now lol There should be some settings to modify inbox / outbox POP settings though..

I'm going to research this though - I couldn't find anything in searching for Evolution and Runbox .. yet!

(edit) Okay - so I was looking around on their support page, kind of confusing; some links take you back to the main FAQ page :thinking: weird.. Anyway - I was able to stumble around to this, list of supported email clients. Though I don't see Evolution on there, I'm betting it's just the lower version. The reason I couldn't get my contacts to connect was because of some security issues - updated and got it all going. Though, that may not work - there's also Thunderbird available, which is on their list. I don't have any complaints about Thunderbird myself - smooth, just like Firefox. But, I've been using Evolution since Zorin was installed - just a familiar face with the O365 layout :grin:

What I don't know: is if you can completely remove Evolution and have Thunderbird in its place - as I believe Evolution has some system ties, I know it's involved with the Calendar app. I just remember reading some time ago, someone was wanting to remove it completely but wasn't really able to for system ties... Could be wrong about that..

Morning PlumpK, thanks for all that.

Important: Do not delete pre-installed Evolution data server items.
See this post: Thunderbird 32bit and add-ons - #23 by AZorin

evo data


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