Evolution niggling problems

I've noticed a few posts about the Evolution email client but haven't posted on them because I've got specific problems with it.
I have not seen any notes about connection issues when downloading emails from a server, so here goes:
I set up Evolution a while back to download emails from my email service (Runbox). I use the POP method. Have configured to check/download every three minutes, but often I can go all day without seeing a single message. When I then login to my Runbox interface, some hours later, I see a batch of messages all sat there waiting to be read.
There is a button in Evolution labelled Send/Receive; well that doesnt really work either. I have two other mail accounts that I also draw down emails from; they don't actually receive a lot of messages, but nonetheless the status bars on all three of them just hang and nothing happens.
The mostr frustrating thing is trying to receive emails that have an expiry time on, such as logins. I never get them in time, despite having the system configured for reasonably fast pick-up.
I realise the problem may lie with Runbox, but until I've asked here, I don't want to load questions onto them without knowing a bit more.....and it may be something I haven't done in setting up.
On the whole it seems to work ok, but this lag in message pick-up is bothering me; I often have to log in to Runbox interface just to get work done.
Any thoughts welcomed.

How did you install Evolution. Is it a Flatpak or apt version of the app?

Hi; I'm really sorry to have "disappeared" the last couple of days, but have been forced to go and deal with a serious water deluge in a property I have.
Evolution was, I think, already installed in my Zorin 16 Pro....I'm pretty certain it was there.

If you go to the Software store/Installed Apps, look for the Evolution listing. Scroll down and see if the source is Snap, Flatpak or apt.
I ask, because Snap and Flatpak apps are self-contained double sandboxed from the system which may explain the lack of interaction you are suffering with emails.

Otherwise, have you tried Thunderbird, specifically the apt version, as email client.

I don't understand your email setup using Evolution and Runbox. I don't use or know Runbox, but it looks like a webmail service accessed via a browser (e.g. Firefox) rather than a email client.

The source says ubuntu-focal-updates-universe. The version is 3.36.5-0ubuntu1

I used to have Thunderbird installed but it started giving me problems when launching; constantly had to use the terminal to do so; some other issues as well, which I forget now in detail; so I thought I'd try Evolution.

Runbox is a Norwegian webmail service, yes it can be accessed by browser, but the emails can also be downloaded by configuring a desktop email prog such as Thunderbird, etc, using details for their Server, port and username/password etc. Have used it for years.

OK. That looks like an apt not mentioning Snap or Flatpak. So that rules out the sandboxing theory.

Thanks zaba, again apologies for the very slow response, life is an absolute drag at the moment. I am going to close the problem out for now, simply because I am so busy. Maybe see how it goes and resurrect the issue at a later date, but thanks for looking at it.
Best wishes.

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