Exchange cheap motherboard

I propably will be need to exchange cheap motherboard Asrock h510m - hvs.
The motherboard what i would like is msi with lga socket 1200 gen.10
Do you have some experience with msi and could advice? I don't want cheapest msi also.Iif the motherboard have LCD and for gaming that will be great. Working with linux.
If you touched or have some experience with that hardware please share your suggestion or solution.

I have had no problems booting Linux on my MSI board since building a system in 2021. What model you choose will depend on your budget. The MSI Display & Dragon Center gaming software only work on Windows. Dragon center allows the user among other options, to control tower leds on gaming systems. I removed Dragon center from my Windows because I didn't need it.

All motherboard go up price 100%-150%.
I checked some price before and now.
Why the motherboard are expensive?

I think it's inflation and supply chain problems . An MSI Z490 has what you described and is about $150.00 US. I don't know about availability or price in your region.

msi with z490 are 200$ - 500$ but i don't want cheapest motherboard, they have not to much ports and they are old.
I will be waiting some one week more the next week is gaming days where price will go down 65%.
I reading many countries the parts a computers people don't buying because that price.
My office don't die fast.

Still 5 pc alive.

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Intel Gen 10 were released 1n 2019 . Make sure you check CPU compatibility if you choose a newer board.

This one

Anything newer than an MSI Z590 won't support that CPU. Remember to check the wattage too !

Yes only z490 and z590 support that generation processors.
Wattage you mean that?

Processors use different wattage. The Z590-A PRO supports your CPU. There are different models of Z590. (page 4)

That is more of a productivity board than a gaming board.

I was that board. People sayed is good but audio chip isn't. I will keep eyes on gaming. @Winged1 you very help me with wattage.

Productivity that mean is better from a gaming board and a gaming board are some cosmetics?

Productivity boards would be best suited for office work or typical home use. There a number of Z590 1200 LGA socket gaming boards both from MSI and Asus .

Both msi and asus are from Taipei Taiwan.
My friend is there with student exchange.
Beautiful place he sayed.
Watching two days ago a technical youtube channel about motherboard hardware in another countries also prices are higher.
Well this month talking about sale then important nothing rush.

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