Experience on Zorin good and bad

I wondering if you can sayed something with few words experience about what working very good and bad. It gived me solution and more open eyes to using Zorin.
One what i can sayed Linux help me training a brain example menory and teaching me usefull things about terminal and mamy another software what exist on Linux and don't exist on windows. Mamy usefull tools.

Coincidentally just replied to another thread where a user had too many problems to quit ZorinOS (for a while at least).

For me, I had bad experiences with ZorinOS (Core 15.3 and Pro 16.1) with functionality like locking and suspending the computer. Those two I really cannot do without. I need to be able to leave my desk quickly and know that I'm not going to get back to a funny wallpaper :smiley: It also saves me some precious battery life.

One of the best things is honestly the clean look and feel. It also has a decent amount of programs installed so that you can "set it and forget it" for others who are not technically inclined. Looks and functionality is a killer combo.

So Linux is good distribution but not for all software.
Something still will be better working on another operating system like a windows and MacOS.
That is example what not working and have a argument linux isn't a perfect like many youtubers talking.

My OS Experience after switching to Zorin is better than ever :smile:

One i can sayed lower app from windows marketing also lower on webbrowser sides commercial or promotion clear sides when using Zorin. I have good experience with brave browser very good blocking shiity stuff with that. I feeling like my head is lighter. Firefox not blocking promotion. I wondering about the webbrowser where you don't get all that mess for selling things and etc.

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Well i using linux Zorin like a daily driver. with some time. Sometimes i need using a W7.
If someone using a couple games,software and nothing special then can using linux. That my experience also if something will broken in linux you can fix that with terminal what you cannot sayed that about windows.

I've been trying to find a good Windows replacement for a while. The last one that had the best chance of success for me was a distro called Xandros back in 2004. That was back in kernel v2.8 days. I've tried them all since then with varying degrees of success, always returning to Windows. I've been testing Zorin since v15.3 and have now converted all home PC's to 16.1 Core. There are a handful of Windows specialty apps that don't have a Linux equivalent that we occasionally need. Gnome Boxes with a Win 8.1 Pro VM take care of them nicely, when needed. I must divulge that I've been using Linux as a hobbyist and professionally since Red Hat v4.2, so I've been familiar with it for some time and can easily maneuver a command line - which is needed at times - but there's all kinds of great support from many postings and forums just like this. Not going back this time!

Well i am happy in Zorin my hardware working. Example my microphone have a problem on MInt distribution.
I must sayed also Zorin is to hard to broken that distribution. Another distribution propably are easier to broken. It will be 17 August 2021 when Zorin still working without some big problems.

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