Experience with Zorin

Well i started Zorin for testing purpouse. The main idea is I taken a pc for programming, testing to much learning linux. It taken many hours every day.
No games, don't disturb some app and many things more. Just me terminal and virtual machine. Ok some webbrowser and mahjong when pc working on files.
That is and I must sayed it is very good. Using gnome style.
Yes I know i could use tiling. Well i decide stop distrohopping it is boring, besides all linux distributions are near the same like a twins. The purpouse what they created is the same.

Well, you really need to try a thing or two. You can read about Mint, but without really using it you are just waisting time on self-hyping idiots in D-E compares.

Zorin is recommended to me by an expert in our Facebook Ubuntu-Group, and as mostly administrative work I do I had a small anger on Ubuntu how they eliminated all good features in Gnome. And Gnome of Zorin is just really what I need ; clear Thumbnails of files and photo's for easy selecting and fast workflow.
Libre Office in Zorin is not really my taste as adapted, but the original L O is very fast installed and setup 'as usual' even including a JRE for the Macro's.

Hopping is learning a lot in a small time. So very exhousting in time-interval.

Zorin is, for my taste, not really the 'easy stepping over from Windows' at all. It is (an outdated sadly) just an LTS from Ubuntu, running smooth and has a small learning curve.
I see now many professionals stepping over to Zorin. Ubuntu Pro is really 'something else' with a whole other purpose than being the Home-use OS.
So I am happy the way things are going. My other Ubuntu-laptops just work perfect on all aspects, but my daily driver is Zorin Core.
Fedora in mind, I don't think I will go back to it despite it is an outstanding rpm-distro, really top-quality on all aspects. Sadly the reboot requirements are sometimes annoying.

Well i decided why this rumor is about linux. Go forward to LFS and more with practice and theory from books to understable how it all works.

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