Experience Zorin xfce vs Zorin 16 Pro

I must sayed Zorin xfce is very weird for using.
If I want changing a some software what i have on taskbar i need using alt and Tab. When back on game steam i need click a icon game or steam. It is very difficult to using. Resize or maximaze a windows are also difficult to catch. When changing a taskbar on dark themes Zorin the software Zorin icon is dissapeart. I also have feelings when exist a wine on Linux then Linux is slower. I could want using only software without a wine. With my experience about Zorin 16 Pro and Zorin 16 xfce without Pro are very diffrent. With my experience Zorin 16 Pro is simpler for users who changing from windows to Zorin 16 Pro. I will on xfce trying installing a Cinnamon DE maybe it will be more simple. That what is my observation. If you have some another observation about which one is better please wrote your experiences.


I must sayed more days sitting with xfce is ok. Something new but not difficult to learning. Many options in one place is better to find what i need.
With Steam games working.
If I would update from xfce to xfce pro then i need new installation?

Hi Bourne, see your wrestling with XFCE these days. All because of gaming, I suppose.

But I have a question. Just because you like to quizzed me around.
May it be Core or XFCE, do you know what makes Zorin 16 Pro?

Well Core i tested but it depends what type a computer i used. Somewhere here i put two diffrents older from 2009 and from 2015. Zorin 16 Pro i was using some Time then changed hard disk and now with xfce @Aravisian help me fixed no Black screen from gpu. Xfce and Core are diffrent design building. I need mode time with xfce but can sayed software on xfce are more stable not crashing like on Core. Sleeping mode working on xfce gived 40GB SWAP. On xfce changing windows with alt + TAB. On Core is more simple. I will trying find some tutorial how better using xfce. Core have more functions. On xfce is minimalistic, that maybe more configurable. I playing only one game. Mosty using VLC,spotify, steam,Vivaldi,discord.

Zorin 16 Lite - xfce is good for customization and standard office using I mean internet,movie,music,e-mail. With gaming my heart bleeding. When I jumping below spotify and vivaldi with keys (alt+TAB) is ok but when jumping below spotify or back to windows a game. Then my mouse don't response on a game. I remember on Zorin 16 Pro don't have that problems or Core.
Why i have some that weird problems.

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