Extend the partition which i installed zorin on it(swap,boot,root in one)

i install zorin lite beside windows, windows in partition c and zorin in anther partition(root,swap,boot in one partition, i didn't customize that ) i want to extend that partition without losing data. i plan to get 20g from windows partition(win file system) to zorin file system, i try gparted from live usb zorin, but resize for my zorin filesystem can't have option to increase but just decrease.

In order to increase a partition into another, they must be adjacent to each other. Side by side.
If reclaiming space from Windows, you must defrag Windows, first.

sorry i can't understand, but that is gparted, i can resize with decrease partition c which has windows system eaisly with gparted and get unlocated space free , and i can resize the partition which has zorin but the problem is just resize with decrease not increase

The Zorin Partition is not touching the partition you are trying to resize it into. There is a 1 megabyte unallocated gap between it and sda3.

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what i can i do, i delete that 1 megabyte unallocated gap?

If you released 20 GB from sda3, you would have to shift the ext4 partition to the beginning of the unallocated space (there is a chance of data corruption, but i have performed this maneuver myself successfully). Make sure to have a backup prior to making this adjustment, just in case. After the move (right click and choose move then slide it to the left instead of trying to use the sector address), right click the partition again and choose resize. Extend the right out to include the 20GB that is now on the right and you are done. At least you don't have to move multiple positions.

This should be done from the live image so the partitions aren't mounted.

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but i'm afraid from that message , u know that i have the root and boot and swap in one partition?

That's the standard warning. It doesn't matter what partition you move, it will still show. Is your system installed by efi or legacy?

After the move you could always perform a boot repair and use the windows efi partition to boot grub.

This is the predicament you are in, in order to increase the size of the partition this is the only way. You will either have success or must reinstall. The boot partition should be seperate from the system in all reality. This is where you are at and not doing anything won't change anything. Backup, try and either succeed or reinstall if boot repair fails.

sysem installed by legacey. what r the steps of boot repair?


Thank u very much, it's working with me without any errors.

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Thank u for that very good info, I didn't need to repair boot , the task finished without any fail to boot

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