Extension "window list" on second screen

After upgrading to Zorin 17 I had to reconfigure extensions :face_with_diagonal_mouth: However, a feature that I was able to use before is now missing:

I work with two screens and had the Zorin start menu on the left screen and the tasks in the taskbar on the right. This is about the “Window List” extension. Everything is great on the left screen, but I can no longer display the tasks on the right screen.

With the "Window List" extension the bar on the left screen is simply faded out and I have no option to move "Window List" to the right screen. The bar is simply faded:

No option to move to the right screen for "Window List" Extension:

Does anyone have an idea how I can get this solved?

Did You try to delete the Extension and then install it new?

has no effect on what I want to reach ...

What I need is that the "dash to panel" extension, or another extension shows all open tasks i bars instead of icons on the second screen.

I can make "dash to panel" show the taskbar with icons on both screens

But I wanted to have it more like in Win95 style with the name of the tasks written in the bars on the 2nd screen:

"Window List" can do so but I cant move it to the right screen:

But that seems too oldscchool.

Maybe have to live with this:

Yes, I understand. There is a Zorin Appearance Layout which do that too. Did You tried that instead of the Extension?

Think it's already selected:

But I cant se an option to show bars insstedof the icons ...

I have no Multi Monitor Setup, so it is a bit tricky now. I set up the Zorin Taskbar and choose the 2nd Layout with Your prefer Style:

The Thing is: this works only in Combination with the Zorin Taskbar. When You use Dash To Panel You have only the normal Icon Look.

So, my Suggestion is: Turn off Dash To Panel and activate the Zorin Taskbar and the 2nd Layout in Zorin Appearance. Then go in the Settings of the Zorin Taskbar and there go to the Position Tab and mark the Option to show it on all Displays:

Thank you!
Unfortunateley my system crashes a soon I want to remove the dash to panel extension.

I will need to have a reinstall or hours of debugging.
But as God may help me I should get new hardware in May what will sole a lot of other issues ...

Oh, it works after a reboot ...
Dash to panel is off now and Zorin Taskbar activated.

But Zorin Appearance shows the icons on both arrangements

is showing

as same as

is showing

Are we sure that's really possible to show bars instead of icons in the taskbar in another screen? To me seems that the option is applied globally and can't be set differently for each screen.

Did You made another Reboot after change to the 2nd Layout? You could try to make a reinstall of Zorin Appearance, too.

And another Question: How do You magae Your Extensions? With the Extension Manager or with Gnome Extensions and the Website?


Maybe not for each Screen, but as a Sheme for all Screen's.

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Even after choosing the layout, it is necessary to activate the ungrouping of
applications. If this option is disabled, it continues to display only the

(My Zorin is in Portuguese but I think you can see where this option is.)