External drive directory seems to change when downloading images?

It doesn't but it seems so because it shows something like this ?

Run User 1000 doc

This must be linux directory ? no c drive stuff cause it's linux but still I can view
through my external drive folders but this thing shows and it gets confusing.
I mean I already ignored and downloaded and it works but how can I make it
show the directory like Toshiba -> Images -> Nature -> Plants ?

Linux is confusing in everyway possible. It's like you have to learn how to breathe and walk all over again in a different world. Or it's like using your left hand.


Gday @jumpboy, like 'c' drive on windows, In zorin files & goto bottom left hand side ( scroll if needed) , click Computer this is like 'c' drive, like systems files, program files,

goto the location, "Toshiba -> Images -> Nature -> Plants ", right click a file or folder then select, " create link" then right click the created link & select move to, then highlight a folder in the left column e.g. pictures.. then click "select" in the top right corner, This is like a short cut..

I read that jumpboy was just hoping to see the full path to his files like
Toshiba -> Images -> Nature -> Plants
not a shortcut to that directory (folder).

jumpboy has Core, therefore he has Nautilus to navigate his directories and files. I agree, Nautilus is not the most easy to understand file manager, particularly regarding showing file paths. Other File Managers are available, but from what I read, all have their own pro's and con's.


Thanks @zabadabadoo , i was a little confused, to get the path like /media/name/Toshiba/Images/Nature/Plants. goto that file, right click the Plants folder & click "open in terminal. this will show something like this ( /media/name/Toshiba/Images/Nature/Plants ) as far as changing directory to an external i dont know, hope someone can help with that.
just like windows cmd, use cd /media , but it doesnt seem to work on external drives, if someone knows this action please help.
Ok found way to change directory to external drives, use the (') at each end of path eg> cd '/media/name/Toshiba/Images/Nature/Plants', you can also get this by typing cd in terminal then drag folder to terminal.
Note. the terminal is Caps sensitive

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I think my question was confusing. sorry. thanks for the replies.

I was trying to download many images into my folder.
and it shows "Run User 1000 doc".

Instead of the usual C:programs->program files etc

But I still downloaded the images ignoring this.

It does work. (it didn't download the images into a wrong place called
Run User 1000 doc.)

but just wondering if I could make it show the usual windows like path instead.

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Yes I switched to Nemo a long time ago as I can customize it much better than I could Nautilus .....

If someone does wish to change from Nautilus whatever you do do not delete it just change your Preferred Applications in System Settings from say Nautilus to Nemo .... or what ever ..... I learned the hard way about deleting Nautilus and had to reinstall the Zorin OS ....

Apparently Nautilus has it's fingers in a lot more pies than people realize and is simply not just a File Manager .... from the voice of experience .....

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File manager. It would've been hard to even understand what this meant.
If I didn't have installed dolphin. Dolphin must be a file manager.
So I can download a nemo file manager instead of using "Home".
and also could install a "Nemo Package"? to completely change the
"Skin" might even call it a "mod" ? to make it work as a default without
using the file manager ? I bet that be too hard for me though.

There is a guide to install Nemo as the default file and desktop manager in the tutorials and guides section. Use the magnifying glass at the top of this page to search Nemo in tutorials and guides category.

If you are from Windows then you will have used "File Explorer" as File Manager.

In ZorinOS, the "Home" icon on your desktop simply launches Nautilus file manager at your Home directory where it expects your personal (not system) files to be located.

Once Nautilus is open you can switch to other drives and directories as well as drilling down into your Home directory. e.g. Home/Documents then Home/Documents/Letters etc. Nautilus does show the file path in a rudimentry fashion in its top bar, so you can see where you are.

Note: You can also go to Nautilus preferences, to show (or not) next level of nested folders in the main display, if using List view (not Grid view). I think that setting is named "Expandable Folders in List View" on/off.

More info on Nautilus here: Files – Apps for GNOME

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