External Drive Encryption

I recently added Zorin dual boot from Windows 10. I have been using bitlocker to secure my large, external storage. Which whole drive encryption applications will allow me to unlock my external, encrypted drives in Windows and Zorin? I wanted to use VeraCrypt because it is well-known and straightforward; but I couldn't get it to work in Zorin. I don't understand encryption much so I would prefer to use a GUI.

If I remember correctly, you can make encrypted partitions using Disks - the included disk management tool within Zorin

though, I would first get the data off of the drive, then re-partition it using Disks with encryption, and then see if that works within Windows
Why, you ask?
Re-partitioning anything does wipe the drive, which is why I said backup your data first

if you need more help on getting this working, just reply to me, preferably with a screenshot of where you're stuck and what you don't understand :slight_smile:

I should clarify: I don't want to repartition this drive. It has a bunch of important files on it, which is why I want to encrypt it. And it is significantly larger than my internal hard drive; so, copying everything to another drive first is not an option.

Risky - as your statement implies that backing up the files is also not an option...
You should be able to do what you want with LUKS using Cryptsetup.

The LUKS gitlab wiki instructs the user to wipe the data first.

I am not surprised...
I would have actually responded to this question that Full Drive Encryption generally means formatting.

I recall Swarfendor teaching me about ENCFS encryption (No Format) back in the day...

I tried it out and it worked perfectly well. I did not maintain it since I just generally do not have sensitive documents to protect. But it did teach me a lot about File Systems at the time.

I'll check it out. If all else fails, I guess that I can buy a second hard drive. But GNOME ENCFS doesn't seem to allow me to unlock via Windows also.

True - it is Secure on Linux... and it is secure if using Windows, but disallows access entirely.
For me, another company handles all that, fortunately.
So I need only worry about my private machine.
You may have a read over here;

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