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This might not be directly related to Zorin but since I might be using this external hard drive quite often, after I replace my internal drive with SSD and now I have lower space inside, I'm sure I will frequently use this one. But, I want to know clearly what it indicates. Reason, in my first quick self test, I don't have any old_age thing, values are not much different aside from the temperature but after I do the extended self test, I got lot of this old-age under type. I do the extended self test, awhile after doing the first test. I want to know if there is also an impact in the result regarding what I did?

and a question out of curiosity that I can't find an answer in google, if my external hard drive dies, can I use its container for me to be able to use another hard drive as an external? Because I don't know when I can buy enclosure nor SATA to USB cable after all the repair done.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. yes, I go back with Zorin 16 lite, though hoping its future update will not crowd my 120 gb SSD.

Yes and I am doing this exact thing, now.

That report shows a good strong hard drive.
The "old_age" is a parameter type that is a value that can be expected to change due to age of the drive. It does not mean that the values show that the drive is old.
The same goes for "pre-fail".


Yay! Now, I already know what to do in case.

Really have lots to learn. Hehe!

Yes, I can post pictures of my external drive, case opened, if you want. Some cases are designed to not be opened - so that could be tricky for some and may require closing it with duck tape.:wink:
Mine has Clips, so it is much easier to deal with - and I will swap out other drives in that case as needed.


as long as I already have the idea, its fine. I'll search for more in case needed. Thanks again!

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